The Ten Best Paint Sprayers in the Market Today!

At their most basic, paint sprayers can help us change the look of our old furniture, as well as our walls and ceilings. These machines allow us to finish a task that would otherwise take a week, in a matter of days. The least obvious benefit of owning a paint sprayer is that it allows us to release our artistic sides. We believe that everyone is an artist at heart – paint sprayers give you that opportunity to bring out this creative side.

Considering how helpful these paint sprayers are, we’ve decided to compile our picks for the top 10 best models. The result of that careful and meticulous process is this list, wherein you can find paint sprayers of all kinds. We included paint sprayers from different categories, considering their prices, their capabilities, their functions, and their overall efficiency. Because of this, we are certain that you’ll find at least one that you like.

There are so many paint sprayers out there: in physical stores, appliance centers – even online. Choosing just one can be difficult. But since you’re willing to do your research, you can use this helpful guide to pick out which model you think will work best for your home.

Now in some cases, you might need to buy more than two paint sprayers. That’s because different models serve different purposes. The two most common kinds of paint sprayers – the ones you will encounter most often when you go out there in search of paint sprayers – are the HVLP and Airless Paint Sprayers. The two may look quite similar, but the way they function is very different from one another.

Best Paint Sprayers in the Market Today!

An HVLP model is made for precision. HVLP stands for “high volume, low pressure”. Take note of the low pressure part of that acronym, because it’s what this paint sprayer does best. Do not expect an HVLP paint sprayer to shoot out large volumes of paint in a couple of seconds; it will not do that. But many people choose this kind of paint sprayer because it allows them to repaint delicate things such as furniture, and anything else with fine details. Anything that has nooks and crannies that need filling is a job for an HVLP paint sprayer. You can rely on this to paint your furniture properly, without bombarding it with paint.

The Airless Paint Sprayer does the exact opposite. This kind of paint sprayer is all about power, and covering wide areas quickly. Therefore, this is perfect for use on walls, ceilings, sidings, and the exterior of your home. Just be careful when using it though, because it is powerful enough to inject paint into someone’s skin – make sure to seek medical assistance immediately, if this ever happens. Despite this danger, many people turn to this model and use it carefully in order to finish the painting job quickly.

Basically, an HVLP model is a good substitute for a paint brush, while an Airless paint sprayer is a good substitute for a roller.

HVLP paint sprayers are usually more expensive, but they work well with expensive paint, so that somewhat balances it out.

And so without further ado, here are the paint sprayer reviews we promised: our picks for the best paint sprayers in the market today.

DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit


The manufacturers of the DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit are offering their assistance to anyone who might have questions about this product. Still, we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about their paint sprayer anyway.

So here goes. We’re starting off this list with possibly the best spray gun under the HVLP category.

With what we’ve learned so far about the HVLP models, this one is made for precision. And remember what we said about HVLP spray painters being expensive? This rule doesn’t seem to apply to this model. Part of its appeal is how it manages to give a high quality performance, despite being priced at just around $150 dollars. In fact, the reason it’s such a best-selling spray gun is because it appeals to people with price alone.

As for its service quality, it’s equally impressive. It lets you adjust the air pressure, fan width, and volume until you get what you want.

Its sleek chrome finish makes it look attractive, and it also helps in the cleanup process. Keep in mind that these machines have to be cleaned after every use – remember that and the model should prove to be durable enough.

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Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer


If you’re not quite impressed with the DeVilbiss 802342 StartingLine HVLP Gravity Spray Gun Kit fine and delicate performance, then here’s another HVLP model that rivals its appeal. The Wagner 0518080 Control Spray Max HVLP Sprayer is well-received because of its specialized service quality.

At a price of less than $130 dollars, this model is lightweight in more ways than one – it’s light and easy to handle, and it’s also light on your budget! This model’s convenient construction makes it ideal for hard to reach areas as well as parts of your furniture that wouldn’t be easily painted by a brush.

It has a variable flow trigger that dials in spray pattern width from 1 inch up to 10 inches. If you want to know the specifics, this paint sprayer makes use of a powerful, two-stage turbine that allows it to spray latex and other thinner materials such as lacquers.

With this by your side, you’ll easily fill in those fine details. It even has those three typical spray patterns that you can choose from to perform at optimal capacity: those are horizontal, vertical, and circular.

The 20 foot high flex air hose extends your reach to further provide comfort. With all its handy features, you can tell that this paint sprayer is all about convenience.

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Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun


We never said HVLP paint sprayers are exclusively expensive. There are a few models here and there that are cheap enough despite having the HVLP tag on their names – but not all of them are high quality machines that we can say are actually reliable. Have a look at the first two entries – those are the kinds of paint sprayers we’re talking about when we say we want a balance of efficiency and affordability.

But we always thought there’s a limit to this price range. HVLP paint sprayers can only be a certain level of cheap, otherwise the quality would begin to slip. Then comes the Neiko 31215A HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun that breaks all the norms.

At a price of less than $40 dollars, this model is beyond surprising. Its service quality is something you would not expect for a product that is offered so cheaply. It’s the kind of paint sprayer that you’d underestimate, but it’s the same paint sprayer that will blow your mind with its convenient features.

It works like a charm, thanks and it’s also surprisingly durable. The one thing we’re not surprised about regarding this paint sprayer is how it managed to nab a spot on our list.

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Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus


We’re now getting into the territory of the airless paint sprayers. You’ve seen some of the best HVLP paint sprayers in town, and if you want more of those things, feel free to check out our list of the best HVLP paint sprayers by clicking here.

As we’ve discussed earlier, these ones are best when they are used as a roller substitute. They can cover wide areas quickly and efficiently, and the Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus is no different from its fellow airless models. Use it on your home’s ceiling, on the walls, on sidings, or on the exterior parts of the house. Change up the colors a bit and explore your creative side – with your family’s consent, of course.

What’s truly interesting about this airless model is that it offers you some options for precision painting on smaller projects. The flexible paint supply hose allows spraying directly from 1 to 5 gallon containers.

And since its main purpose is to cover large areas, you can use the pail hook to connect the paint container to the sprayer, so you can move around while doing the job.

At a price of a little over $220 dollars, this is perfect for DIY enthusiasts, as well as the so-called “weekend warriors” who try to accomplish as much as they can during their free time.

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Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer


The most expensive model on this list happens to be an airless paint sprayer, but at least the Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer attempts to make every dollar of your investment worth it. The same can’t be said for the many paint sprayers out there that are straight rip-offs.

This paint sprayer doesn’t even reach $300 dollars – it just so happens that the best of the best paint sprayers are all incredibly cheap, so it looks pricey by comparison.

Still, for that pseudo-expensive price, it gives you a fast and easy service that lets you complete large projects within a short amount of time.

It’s made to be easy to use and easy to clean. The manufacturers even claim that it has everything you can possibly need for finishing the project in minutes (but of course, no product ever has it all). We recommend using this for spraying interior walls, ceilings, fences, and even doors. It’s all about spraying a wide variety of coatings from stains to heavy latex and acrylics.

As for its convenient extra features, we feel the need to mention the fully adjustable pressure control that provides additional versatility. The Power Flush feature is also good, allowing you to attach the cleaning adapter to a garden hose for easier paint gun cleaning.

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HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayers


Beating the Graco 257025 Project Painter Plus by only a few dollars for the least expensive airless paint sprayer (on this list) is the HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayers. Currently being sold at less than $220 dollars, this provides more competition to the rest of the airless paint guns in the market than just in terms of the price tag.

Many people are “extremely satisfied” with this model’s performance capacity, and it is perhaps because of the 2,800 PSI and the ½ HP motor coupled by strong legs that provide stability as you spray. This combination is perfect for large projects that normally can’t be finished over one weekend.

It has a water-resistant non-sticking ceramic inlet valve, as well as a swivel for the spray gun.

It’s one of the most ideal airless paint sprayers that a homeowner can have, especially if they are into DIY projects. With this by your side, you’ll be able to finish those projects quicker than you could imagine. And while it is generally labeled as expensive, it’s still a much better deal than hiring a contractor. It will save you money, and you’ll even have more control over what you want your home to look. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh coat of paint and a high quality paint sprayer – like this one!

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Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/Outdoor Hand-held Sprayer Kit


If you wish to check out the rest of our recommendations for the best airless paint sprayers, click on this link.

Now the following models can be either HVLP or airless paint sprayers – some of them might not even be categorized under either. From now on this list is going to talk about something more specific. Sometimes we want a change of pace: sometimes we wanna switch up the palette a little bit and alter the colors of our home. But the thing is sometimes we can’t.

So instead of repainting the whole house, why not channel your energy onto something else? Why not paint just the cabinets? It’s a good compromise for when you have family members that go against having the walls repainted.

The Wagner 0529010 Flexio 590 Indoor/Outdoor Hand-held Sprayer Kit is a good model for this job.

At a price of less than $130 dollars, this model is one of the best paint spray guns you could own if you plan on painting the cabinets. Mainly designed for indoor use, this also works quite well outdoor.

It has a variable flow trigger that controls the paint flow. It also has three patterns including horizontal, vertical, and circular. Lastly, its “lock-n-go” technology allows for quick material change.

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Astro 4008 Spray Gun


Here’s another model that’s great for cabinet use. Earlier we mentioned how there are different prices to be discussed, and fortunately, most of those prices are on the lower end of the scale.

The Astro 4008 Spray Gun is surprisingly good, despite its price tag of just a little over $30 dollars. Who would’ve thought we could get something so efficient within that price range? It goes well with our realization that inexpensive products must not be underestimated.

Simple, lightweight, and incredibly effective, this paint sprayer’s service quality might even lead you to forget its price. With this, you can even afford the more expensive high quality paint.

It is also durable and easy to clean, thus ensuring that it will serve you for quite some time. Its fully adjustable wide fan pattern control only serves to prove this.

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SPRAYIT SP-31000 LVLP Siphon Feed Spray Gun


These last two models are perfect for use with furniture in general. If you wish to focus on cabinets, here are the best paint sprayers under that category. For furniture, we’d recommend something similar to the SPRAYIT SP-31000 LVLP Siphon Feed Spray Gun.

Among the cheapest, this model costs just a little over $50 dollars. Imagine, with some paint and an additional $60 dollars, you have the equipment to reinvent your home in impressively creative ways!

If you like DIY projects, switching up your furniture’s colors would work well for you – and this paint sprayer will help you do that. There’s no need to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end paint sprayer, when you can have something that works decently at about an eight of that price.

This model has a separate and adjustable fluid, fan pattern, and air controls. This ensures precision, even with its working pressure of 28 to 45 PSI. It reaches a maximum pressure of 60 PSI.

Additionally, its stainless steel fluid needle and corrosion resistant nozzle ensures longer life. Despite its price tag, this model is a great tool for furniture and other delicate painting work.

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HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer


Last but certainly not the least, the HomeRight C800766 Finish Max Fine Finish Sprayer deserves a spot on this list for being a great option for those who want to repaint their furniture. At a quick glance, one might mistake this for the HomeRight C800879 Power-Flo Pro 2800 Airless Paint Sprayer, but they are way different.

They’re from the same manufacturer, we’ll give it that, but in terms of service quality these two products rival one another. This model takes home the price for being cheaper than its brother, at currently less than $70 dollars.

It also has an adjustable spray control that enhances your precision for improved outcomes. It has that common feature of switching between three different spray patterns, horizontal, vertical, and circular. All you have to do is pick the right one for the job.

The brass spray needle and housing ensure durability and improved performance. Basically, this model leaves a finish that makes you look like a pro. Not only will you look like one, you will also feel like a pro while using this because it’s so easy to handle.

It sprays coatings on evenly – say goodbye to unsightly brush marks! It requires no hoses, no pumps, and no air compressors. With this you can join the thousands of homeowners who’ve learned to express themselves freely by repainting and repurposing their furniture.

Speaking of furniture, here are the best paint sprayers for furniture – click here.

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You don’t need a chisel and a marble to create art. You don’t even need a paintbrush these days. It’s a matter of perspective: what we can consider as art and what we cannot. It’s a matter of style, and a matter of what decisions you make that indicate whether you are making artistic choices or not.

If you’re a homeowner, and decorating your house is a passion of yours, that may very well be your way of artistic expression. It’s your way of sharing a piece of your soul into the space you are living in. And in all things related to art, colors are crucial.

Colors can be changed and manipulated – paint sprayers are among those machines that help you bend colors whichever way you intend to. As you may have noticed there are plenty of different paint sprayers, but they all center a couple of essential qualities: price, functionality, durability, and comfort. These are the things that help you accomplish your art. These are the factors that determine whether a model will help you achieve your vision for your own home or not.

As much as possible, aim for a decent quality paint sprayer. What we consider decent is usually something that excels in at least three of those categories. But if we want something that’s truly extraordinary – something that deserves a spot on our list; something that can be considered among the best – then it must excel in all four categories.

We’re only hoping we helped you make a sound decision. As in all things artistic, it’s a matter of perception. The choice is ultimately yours to make.